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The Concept Media Group is a innovation design company in Dallas, TX operating since May 2011. We are dedicated to accommodating the development needs of new and existing clientele by engaging into different industries and providing a selection of services ranging from graphic design, cartoon illustration, visual communications, and company branding. 


Our mission is to serve businesses and entrepreneurs with design concepts while helping them accomplish goals in a creative way. In other words, if you need visual designs to help brand your ideas and make them a reality…We do the creative thinking for you!!!


Getting your project started is simple. The process is always different with each client because every project is unique and special to us so we plan to work within the best needs of our clients. Contact Us  with the best way to reach you to get started.

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Young Artist And Youth!


Being able to use art and cartoons with a storyline of being strong, having faith helps the kids to understand they can be all that God has created them to be. Developing young minds to reach for their goals and use the talents God has given them is the opportunity that allows children to open their minds to large possibilities within art and their imagination.

While promoting the stories and introducing the young audience to the characters, guiding them towards a career path in cartooning and technology is part of our goal. Offering advice and guidance on the process of getting a creative start as an artist is part of the foundation behind our mission. We are not only helping businesses and entrepreneurs develop their brand, but also building artist for the future will allow the growth of this industry to reside for centuries to come.  

The Owner & Creative Director, Sherilyn Jones has been a cartoon artist since she was a child and developed her drawing style though out the 80s and 90s. After struggling to land a Full-time job in a field that would allow the use of her skills, she began working as a freelance artist and shortly after developed The Concept Media Group. Through the years of developing a path to walk in order to do what she loves, Sherilyn has learned a lot and found a way to make her dream a reality. This has been the primary inspiration that motivated her to help others by using her knowledge and creative skills. 

Our brand creates, produces, and publishes children's books, comics, greeting cards, youth t-shirts, and more using original cartoon features. We also help other writers and also business brands develop their media with our visual communication services that includes graphic design. This helps our community stand out by bringing more opportunities in art to the youth allowing them to understand the process it takes. 

Allowing a way to invite children to see firsthand in ways they may never get the opportunity to experience cartooning is how we stand out by reaching out to young minds. Sherilyn was born and raise in the Oak Cliff area of Dallas and this district would benefit a lot by having someone who can bring this skill set to this environment to encourage the students and youth to chase their dreams and guide them towards a career path in cartooning and technology. This is part of our mission while helping surrounding organizations reach similar goals by offering services every business needs.   

Emerging Artist Showcase 2018 with  Created To Be supporter.

Emerging Artist Showcase 2018 with Created To Be supporter.

in the community

The Links Services to Youth InitiativeT

Sherilyn spoke to the member of SWAG at Carpenter Middle School, Plano, TX. with The Links Inc.  Discussed design and branding and speaking about how she got started. Followed by the students creating and branding their group's swag logo.

More photos: https://theconceptmediagroup.com/the-links-inc


Emerging Artist Showcase 2018

One appearance The Concept Media Group's Owner/Creative Director Sherilyn made in 2018 was a feature in the North Dallas Suburban Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Art: Unlimited Perspective Showcase at the Irving Convention Center in Irving , TX on April 22, 2018. 

She was asked to speak about her cartoon passion, how she got started, and where she am now followed by a Q&A. Following the show she met a few young supporters.

More photos & video: https://theconceptmediagroup.com/emerging-artist-showcase


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